About Us
Creative thinkers powering businesses with a fusion of technology and marketing.

Helping companies focus on their core operations by providing tech tools and team to build state of the art mobile and web applications. Also using our team’s strength on various digital marketing and on field sales expertise, we help client leverage them by providing various consulting services.

We have helped companies as an extension of their tech, marketing and sales teams. We understand client’s line of business and tailor a solution to suit their needs.

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Our Services
Creative Design
We design your corporate videos, product videos and graphic design content.
Web Development
We are the extension of our client's tech team! We provide full stack development services or provide teams to build apps onsite.
We provide various corporate branding solutions.
Mobile App
We provide mobile app development services. We support iphone & android apps.
Digital Marketing
Our expertise in growth hack techniques using organic social media startegies help companies establish their online presence.
Strategy & Consulting
We provide various technology, business, sales & marketing consultation through our mentors.

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